"The essence of Maths is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple" - Stan Gudder

Mathematics is a key curriculum subject. CUL Academy aims to develop students; knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics by allowing students; to discuss mathematical methods with others to increase their own and others understanding. All students can benefit from the progress of other students as everyone approaches the learning of mathematics in different ways.

To achieve the best progress for all students, teaching at CUL Academy is organised in a developmental way over a period of time.

Each group follows a timeline of topics where learning focuses on student enquiry and development of a problem solving approach to mathematics.

Each unit of work has clear learning outcomes which are gone through with students. Students are expected to place these in their books at the start of the unit, where they assess their prior knowledge. This sheet then provides their record of progress as well as enabling teachers to support students in areas they need to work on to improve their progress further.

All students work together either the AQA linear GCSE Mathematics. Students are also given the opportunity to take Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 in Mathematics. Students are entered for GCSE Mathematics in year 11.

Teaching is conducted through a mix of rich activities, teacher led learning of new skills, rich group investigations, text books, differentiated worksheets and www.mymaths.co.uk.

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