"Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organising our curiosity" - Tim Minchin


In science we aim to provide an outstanding science education for all students that stimulate their curiosity and foster a desire to learn through challenging, engaging, informative and interactive lesson delivery. Leading to achievement for all. A wide range of activities are used to make the subject as practical, engaging and challenging as possible in order to develop analysis and interpretation skills as well as helping the students to understand the scientific concepts learnt.


On arrival all pupils are assessed for their suitability for the Science course.

All students study science for four hours.

Double award- AQA (Core and Additional) is offered. This course will lead to two GCSEs in science and covers the KS4 curriculum as well as prepares students for further science at post 16.

Single Award – AQA (Core) is offered. This course will lead to one GCSE in science.

In science at CUL academy we assess students to ensure that they are making appropriate progress, this is done with both formative assessments (practical based) and a common summative test every half term.

September 2016 brings changes to curriculum and the changes will be posted!

How Parents can help

Parents can help by ensuring that their child is provided with a quiet area to study and complete all weekly homework given.

Ensure that pupils engage in a thirty minute revision session each day.

For students who need additional support, classes are personalized and revision clubs are held for KS4 students.

School science trips/ curriculum activities: have included in the past; Science Fair at the NEC and visit from the Zoolab.

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